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Pastor Greg and Kathy Benton have lived in Azusa, California for over 25 years and have watched the community develop into a multi-ethnic/generational by-product of contemporary society.  They raised their family in the community.  Greg is an ordained minister with Assemblies of God and practicing attorney. Greg has held positions as Associate Pastor of two large churches within the Assemblies of God and Academic Dean of a Bible College.  His current ministerial experience includes speaking opportunities with churches that are without pastoral leadership and now, as a church planter. Kathy has led a homeless shelter ministry, speaks at women's events, taught Bible studies, and mentors other women.  She is actively seeking her ministerial credential. The Bentons have sat on the Boards for 2 non-profits during their launch and continue to do consulting for other ministries. 


Canyon City Church’s vision is to be so empowered God’s Spirit that it will changes lives that will change a city.


Canyon City Church will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but it will also engage in acts of compassion as Christ set as an example and as connecting points into the neighborhood. Canyon City Church is a "church for the community" as it reaches into an area of Azusa where the Spirit of God can be shared with individuals moving families from hopelessness to joy and security that is reproduced in their lives with others

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